Elder Abuse Awareness

07 Jun 2019

We at Age Concern and Family Focus are raising awareness of elder abuse.

Elder abuse is a violation of human rights and a significant cause of injury, illness, lost productivity, isolation and despair.

Age Concern Rotorua marks a day every year as part of our worldwide collaboration to highlight this dreadful and often hidden type of abuse.

Age Concern Rotorua manager Rory O'Rourke says they will listen to people's concerns, respect the wishes of the older person affected, and always make sure the safety and wellbeing of the older person is the main consideration.

"We will then refer cases on or ask people to go directly to Family Focus who have the contract for elder abuse in Rotorua.

"What that means in reality is working together with an aim to resolve concerns co-operatively.

"We aim to find ways to support older people to live safely, make their own decisions and be respected," says O'Rourke. "It is important elder abuse is brought into the open and talked about."

"Elder abuse is the unseen epidemic that elderly do not report because of a variety of reasons, dependent on abuser, low self-esteem, don't want make a fuss, afraid of consequences, isolation, don't know how to ask for help, ashamed or self-blame.

Dignity Champions are people who reject stereotypes, speak out, question disrespect, don't patronise, are patient, polite and friendly, have zero tolerance for abuse and are relationship builders.

"We would hope that by putting it out there in the community that more elderly who are suffering abuse will come forward, and more people who may be witnessing elder abuse will report it to someone who can help.

"Because abuse has many guises sometimes it is difficult for outsiders to pick that someone they know is being abused, so educating them on how to identify abuse is just as important.

O'Rourke says Family Focus is the organisation with the contract to deal with elderly abuse but many of the Age Concerns around the country do have the contract. This year Age Concern has applied for some funding to be able to work with victims of Elder Abuse and their families.

"Needless to say many people come to us as a first port of call and we will listen with a sympathetic ear, assess, respect their concerns and if we can help, will, or refer them to Family Focus.

"In any given week we will have an average of two or three concerns about elder abuse come to the office or phone."

If you suspect and older person is not being treated well or want to report abuse please contact Age Concern on 07 3471539 or Family Focus on (07) 3462096.

Age Concern Rotorua has been granted $6,000 from St Joan's Charitable Trust to provide support for individuals or families where Elder Abuse is suspected so please contact us in the first instance.

If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, and someone's safety is at risk please call the emergency services on 111.

Social Activities

We organize activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.