Support Services

These services are broad and varied, fielding a myriad of enquiries, and when these are out of our scope, referrals are made to relevant services (established networks). We respond to enquiries either in person or a home visit may occur.

Health Promotion

Staff work with key stakeholders and partners to coordinate action at all levels and in all sectors, to strengthen community action and to reorient health and community services to establish and maintain a supportive environment for the older people of our district. AC Rotorua Health Promotion includes a contract with Lakes District Health Board, initiatives such as Age-Friendly Supermarkets, advocacy and submissions, internal service directory and volunteer orientation. Age Concern Rotorua also held a Positive Ageing EXPO in April 2019 and intend to have another one next year at the same time.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

Age Concern provides free and confidential Elder Abuse Response Services in most cities and provincial areas throughout New Zealand. These services respond to any situations where an older person / kaumātua's safety or wellbeing is at risk. These services employ professional staff to work with older people / kaumātua and their family / whanau to provide support and advice towards reducing the harm caused by elder abuse and neglect. In Rotorua the Elder Abuse Service is managed by Family Focus Phone 07 3462096

To contact an Age Concern that offers an Elder Abuse Response Service click here. You can also ring the 24 hour helpline on 0800 326 6865 to be directed to the nearest Elder Abuse Response Service.

Accredited Visiting Service

This service aims to address social isolation and loneliness. Referrals come from a variety of local organisations and the AVS Coordinator will visit and interview prospective clients. A volunteer is matched up with a client and regular visits commence scheduled on a regular basis that is suitable for the client. There are positive benefits for both the client and the visitor and feedback from individuals along with surveys undertaken, reflect this. At present, we have 80+ volunteers but we are always looking the grow our volunteer base as we have more lonelier and socially isolated than we have volunteers.

Age Concern Shopping Service

Feedback from AVS clients identified a need for assisted shopping which is often viewed an outing and a social connection by older persons.

  • This Shopping Service has been in operation for several years and is dependent on on-going funding to support a Shopping Service Coordinator. The client and volunteer numbers have increased steadily and continue to do so since the commencement of the service. The AC Shopping Service Coordinator manages this Service. Most of the large supermarkets are now on board. Positive feedback has been received from both volunteers, clients and networks in the community.

  • Concurrently, with feedback regarding an assisted shopping service gap in the Rotorua area for elderly persons, it was recognized that shopping can be quite traumatic as older people have numerous issues that may impact negatively on their shopping experience, as there maybe mobility, hearing and sight problems, nowhere to have a rest , isles that are hard to navigate, access (including transport, especially if there are mobility problems), difficulty in locating items and specials, budgetary considerations, and some inconsiderate checkout personnel are a few of the barriers faced. We also provide an on-line shopping service for housebound clients.

Social Connections Project

The aim of this project is to develop new social connection activities in response to local needs by consultation with community stakeholders and identifying one or more new social activities for older people that are needed in the Rotorua district plus existing community assets and potential collaborations. Then, set-up and run one or more new activities with input from older people themselves and / or volunteers involving other community stakeholders as required.

  • To date we have set up social connection activities in Mamaku and Ngongotaha. This year 2019 we hope to expand this further by reaching out to 1-2 more outlying communities (Reporoa) where there is an identified need.

The Super Gold Skills Service

Offers the opportunity for retirees to use their expertise in helping other older persons to earn a little money in the process, as well as giving both parties an opportunity for social connection. This programme works on the basis that an Age Concern member will ring with a maintenance issue and we will select a suitable trades person from our database and put the two in contact. They will negotiate any payment requirements. All our tradespeople are police vetted and we are always looking to add to our database of skilled retirees.

Mobility Scooter Safety Awareness

This is a new programme designed to assist those elderly who have to use a mobility scooter to get around. This course is in partnership with the Rotorua Lakes Council and provides pr actical advice about scooter maintenance and safety.

Life Without a Car 

Many elderly find themselves in a position where they no longer have a car or any form of transport and this can be because of a number of reasons. This course will give practical ideas to cope without a car and still be able to get out of the house and do your normal activities.

Just Cook4 Healthy Ageing  

This programme is run in conjunction with the NZ Nutrition Foundation and gives the elderly practical , healthy and cost effective ways to cook a meal for one or two people. These courses are advertised through our Facebook and newsletter and are free.



Social Activities

We organize activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.