How do I contact Age Concern?

If you have direct queries or need support, call our telephone number at (07) 347 1539 or use our contact form. Our general administration email address is admin@acrotorua.nz. Please contact sue@acrotorua.nz  for any enquiries related to our accredited visiting service.

I want to donate, how much should I give?

We greatly appreciate any donations regardless of the amount. See our Donation Page for how to contribute.

I want to volunteer, but I'm not sure how much I can help?

Any volunteer work is welcome regardless of how much time you have. See our Volunteer Page to find out how you can help.

What other things can I do to help support your work?

If you are a business or institution, you can provide regular or occasional grants, funding, services or equipment to our members. Indeed if you provide funding and support or supply valuable products or service to our members, you could be listed in our business and supporters directory.

Where can I find Age Concern?

We are situated at 5 Tarewa Place, Rotorua, 3010. 

A warm and friendly welcome is always assured!

Map of 5 Tarewa Place, Rotorua 3010

Social Activities

We organize activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.