Agewise/Staying Safe older driver refresher training.

07 Apr 2020

The programme centres on a revision of the Road Rules and while ageing is enevitable growing olderdoesn't meangiving up an active life and age isn't necessarily a precursor to being an unsafe driver.

The record of older drivers is good when we consider the number of collisions per driver but when we consider the number of collisions per kilometre, the record is suprisingly bad.

Dates of Staying Safe/Agewise courses next year:

Tuesday 7th April at Parksyde

Wednesday 13th May at Parksyde

Tuesday and Wednesday 11th and 12th August at Parksyde.

Wednesday 9th September at Parksyde

Wednesday 21st October at Parksyde.

Register on the RLC website.

Social Activities

We organize activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.