Volunteers needed to brighten up the week for Rotorua elders

16 Nov 2018

From left to right : Lyn Rasmussen, Administration SuperGold Skills Coordinator, Rory O'Rourke, Manager, Jody Langdon, Shopping Service Coordinator, Life Without a Car, Mobility Scooter Safety Awareness, and baker, Sue White, Accredited Visitor Service Coordinator This is Age Concern's wonderful, hard working team who have now been together for just over a year and during that time we have increased the number of volunteers providing our visiting and shopping service.

 Those who have always wanted the opportunity to give someone a helping hand and brighten someone's week have the chance through our local service.

Age Concern Rotorua supports older Kiwis to have a healthy lifestyle, full of opportunities and protection from harm.

The growing number of elderly who are lonely or socially isolated in Rotorua is huge.

Manager Rory O'Rourke says that we as an organisation do not have enough volunteers to support the number of referrals.

"This number will only rise given that the number of over 65s (10,000 in Rotorua) is set to double by 2030."

Sue White, Accredited Visitor Service co-ordinator, says she is in need of volunteers for the service.

She says volunteers will be matched with an elderly person who has a similar background and interests, and who can enjoy each other's company.

Volunteers will be expected to visit their elderly match on a weekly basis for about an hour, sometimes catching up with the person on a phone call if they cannot make it to the visit.

Sometimes it may involve going out for a drive or a coffee, or just meeting in their home, depending on the person.

Sue says she matched one of the volunteers with a lady who is in a rest home but is lonely as she has moved from somewhere else.

"They have connected through a shared interest in genealogy, as well as sharing the same sense of humour.

"Both parties are really enjoying that connection and that gives us a real buzz."

She says it is a mutually beneficial situation.

"The person being visited has somebody who is not a family member or a caregiver, but is there to purely spend regular time together.

"For the person visiting, they know they are making a difference to somebody's life and are also making a friendship."

Shopping Service and Confident Driving co-ordinator Jody Langdon says she is also in need of volunteers.

She says volunteers for the Shopping Service role have slightly more of a hands-on role, needing to be more physically fit because they are carrying shopping bags.

"We are finding there is an increase of people in the community who, because of ill health or mobility issues, can't drive or leave home so it's hard to do shopping."

Jody says they are also finding a huge percentage of elderly people do not use the internet for online ordering.

Being a volunteer for this service involves - normally once a fortnight - picking the elderly person up, walking around the supermarket with them, taking them home and putting the groceries on the bench.

"What's most important is not only the social interaction but also that our elderly have a balanced and nutritious diet."

In conjunction with Rotorua Lakes Council, Age Concern Rotorua will be running Confident Driving and Life Without a Car seminars.

Confident Driving will give elderly people the chance to do a refresher course and brush up on their driving.

The setting up on Life Without a Car is under way, with Age Concern starting to do a stocktake of all the mobile services in Rotorua.

Jody would love to hear from people who know of mobile services or ways to make living without a car easier.

All volunteers are police vetted, have reference checks, have an orientation and receive ongoing support.

Rory says they will also be starting a project called Life Story, where Rotorua Intermediate pupils will visit elderly at Arvida Glenbrae Retirement Village to interview them about their life and then write their stories with photos and video.

Another upcoming project next year is Act Your Age, which will involve a stage production for over 65s.

For more information call (07) 347 1539, pop into the office at 1333 Eruera St or go to

Social Activities

We organize activities and events to help those who need healthy social contact. Our volunteers provide a positive and stimulating environment that encourages participation and creates renewed confidence, happiness and lasting relationships with both our volunteers and our elderly.